Interactive: Why You (Probably) Think You're a Better-Than-Average Driver

Answer eight questions about your driving, then learn why people frequently overestimate their skills behind the wheel.

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Rekindling friendship can be hard when your last text is forever visible

You'd like to say hi, but your last exchange might remind them of how your friendship faded out.

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You can thrive in a high-paying career without being money-driven

What if making money is not one of your top goals? And what if you happen to stumble into a high-paying career nonetheless?

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New website: Beatboxing for Kids

I created a website of tutorials that are adapted from exercises I’ve done with my own children. You can listen to audio samples of all the tutorials and teach your own kids how to lay down some sick beats.

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As newspapers continue decline, obituary rot becomes a threat

One unfortunate side effect of the shift toward digital-only obits will likely only become apparent a few decades from now, and it will likely frustrate the next few generations of genealogists hunting for records of early 21st century ancestors.

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In defense of children quitting

Here’s a little story about how being a quitter turned out to be a really great, healthy decision for me.

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TRU Estimates, a better alternative to story points

Story points compress information about effort in an inherently confusing way. TRU Estimates allows effort to be communicated in a way that clears up the confusion, leading to more accurate estimates and more clarity among stakeholders about what those estimates represent.

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No, you're not bribing your kids

Offering your child an incentive for good behavior isn't a bribe. Here's why.

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A marriage registry is more important than a wedding registry

Wedding registries are for stuff. But a marriage registry allows friends and family to pledge the support newlyweds need to sustain a happy, lifelong connection.

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