New website: Beatboxing for Kids

I enjoy sharing my love of beatboxing with children and adults.

So, I created a fun little website of beatboxing tutorials, Beatboxing for Kids, which are adapted from exercises I've done with my own children.

All of the tutorials use everyday words your child is likely already familiar with, like "boots" and "cats."

You can listen to audio samples in each tutorial, then teach your own kids how to lay down some sick beats.

(By the way, after I registered the domain, I realized that I could also snag I decided to re-use the same content, but without the focus on kids, for readers who just want to learn on their own.)

About Shaun

Shaun Gallagher is the author of three popular science books and one silly statistics book:

He's also a software engineering manager and lives in northern Delaware with his wife and children.

Visit his portfolio site for more about his books and his programming projects.

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